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Pas Par Tu is providing knowledge by organizing seminars, lectures and activities that are focusing on exploring the paths of the soul.

Image by Jessica Ruscello

Pas Par Tu Center organizes educational seminars, workshops and courses aimed at teachers and students. Its complex and multi-faceted services aim at holistic, essential and effective lifelong learning education. Through teacher-student interaction they focus on self-improvement, psychosomatic self-awareness and psychodynamics of the mind. The practices and tools of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), combined with the Performing Arts guide and encourage the participant to contribute to the decoding of knowledge and at the same time to its reconstruction for personal benefit, in order to achieve the learning and therapeutic goal towards innovative perspectives development. The core of all the learning models proposed is the harmonious psycho-emotional personal development and, by extension, the consolidation of self-guidance and self-control abilities.

The interactive role and interaction relationship between the teacher and the student is communicated in a variety of educational contexts (schools, sports clubs, dance schools, etc.).

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