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AMKE Pas Par Tu was founded in 2012 with headquarters inThessaloniki by Chrisa Psomiadou. Its permanent member is Eugenia Psomiadou. Our vision is to pave the way for people to connect with both the essence of their existence and at the same time connecting with other people. Our mission is through expression and creative action to establish and communicate the ideal context in order to promote the healing of every part of the body and the essence of the soul which are weak because of past suffering traumas. We are committed to this project by recognizing that Love is a fundamental human need for a qualitative way of life and survival. We express the love for life, for ourselves, for others, for the environment. We cultivate our principal conditions by implementing similar actions, so that each one is able to detect his/her own unique mission, aiming at infusing the value of composing a betterwhole – a core that will help us all to create a better world and a better future. Following a well studied methodology, employing the appropriate tools, stratifying our knowledge and our skills we create actions, workshops, speeches, seminars and productions through which we are directed to the manifestation of our vision.

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